• KMI Graduate Training: 4 days of intense Graduate-level Krav Maga training, including tactical training utilizing our Tactical Training Center, presented by KMI Founder and Head Instructor Danny Zelig.          
  • KMI Armed Intruder Response:  Blending the best of Krav Maga and Tactical Shooting, as well as life saving philosophy, this course provides a strong foundation for safe and effective response to Armed Intruders in your home, school, or place of business. Students of all kinds can learn to apply the proven fundamentals of armed and unarmed Close Quarters Combat (CQC) within the walls of your home or place of business. You will develop the mindset, skills, and tactics needed to build a strong defense plan and keep you, your family, or your co-workers safe.
  • KMI Israeli Tactical Point Shooting August 2016: ITPS is the Israeli method of Tactical Point Shooting. ITPS is the shooting style of all armed branches of the Israeli military and security forces, including the respected Yamam (special counter-terrorism unit), Shin-Bet (security service unit), elite IDF units including the Lotar Eilat, Israeli National Police, and other intelligence and counter terrorism units.