Power of the Wind (1-2 minute read)

Im not the best at writing, so I think i’m just going to write all my posts in bullet point format from here on. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to read and gets right to the point.

  • The Altamont Wind Farm is located in the Altamont Pass of the Diablo Range in Northern CA.
  • It is one of the first and largest wind farms in the US.
  • Has the ability to produce up to 1.1 terawatt hours a year.
  • The wind farm was installed in the 1970’s after the energy crisis.
  • The smaller turbines are hazardous to multiple Birds of Prey including the Golden Eagle.
  • Overall there has been an 80% decline in Golden Eagles in Northern CA.
  • Since then they have installed larger, slower spinning turbines to help with the restoration of the Raptors population.



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