Succulent of the Week: Fairy Castle

IMG_2554( Acanthocereus tetragonus)

This plant is native to North America, but prefers USDA zones 10-11. So, not everyone will be able to successfully cultivate these plants. It recieved its name due to the variations in the stems’ height and shape. Also it does look quite similar to a fairy castle. They are a hardy cacti and can be grown outdoors easily. It is a slow growing plant that can reach heights up to 6 feet. If you are able to get it to bloom you have provided the perfect conditions. Sometimes they can be sterile. The bloom will be a large white flower that opens during the night cycle. All you need is full sun and some well draining soil. Water once every 1-2 weeks and add fertilizer once a month if you really want to see some growth.

Thats all for today, I hope you enjoyed learning about the Fairy Castle!



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