Devin Graham Glidecam Setup

Hello again,

I recently purchased the Devin Graham Glidecam from B&H and would like to share my first impressions as well as get it ready for your DSLR balancing.

IMG_4790 copy
My little assistant.
IMG_4798 copy
Comes in an awesome carry case.
IMG_4801 copy
Neatly packed.
IMG_4802 copy
First you’re going to screw in the base. Be careful not to cross thread or over tighten the screw.
IMG_4803 copy
Gently slide the 4 rubber washers on 4 of the screws. They are all the same size if you’re wondering.
IMG_4804 copy
Next add two  counter weights to both sides of the base and lock them down with the bigger plastic washer. Total of 4. If you are in a windy environment you might have to add more weight.

IMG_4806 copy

IMG_4857 copy
Twist the baseplate lock until it can move freely.
IMG_4862 copy
Press the silver quick release button and slide the plate off the mount.

IMG_4863 copy

IMG_4866 copy
Now gently twist in the thumb screw. If you aren’t able to tighten it down sufficiently you can use a flathead screwdriver but do not over tighten.
IMG_4867 copy
Get yourself a pen or pencil and slide your camera back & forth until you find the center of balance.
IMG_4870 copy
Your DSLR is now ready to be mounted to the rest of the system.
IMG_4808 copy
Finished product.
IMG_4814 copy
In my next post I will be showing you how to balance your DSLR.

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